Earrings,$109,and,—,Gold,Threader,14KT,Pin,Safety,/Galega1451483.html,Diamonds,Av,0xcb0.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Fashion $109 14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin Threader Fashion Earrings — Av Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls 14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin — Gorgeous Threader Av Earrings Fashion $109 14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin Threader Fashion Earrings — Av Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls 14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin — Gorgeous Threader Av Earrings Fashion Earrings,$109,and,—,Gold,Threader,14KT,Pin,Safety,/Galega1451483.html,Diamonds,Av,0xcb0.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Fashion

14KT Gold and Fixed price for sale Diamonds Safety Pin — Gorgeous Threader Av Earrings Fashion

14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin Threader Fashion Earrings — Av


14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin Threader Fashion Earrings — Av

Product Description

Juliette Collection 14KT Gold and Diamond Safety Pin Fashion Earring

Women can’t help but be intrigued and fall in love with Juliette Collection’s new chic and sharp take on fashion earring. The 14KT Gold and Diamond Safety Pin Fashion Earring is designed to display a woman’s untamed, determined, devil-may-care personality while keeping a neat and glamorous aura. Made with the highest quality of components, this punk rock-inspired fashion earring is crafted in sturdy 14KT premium gold and encrusted by generous amounts of round white diamonds of H-I colors and SI1 clarities. Go ahead flaunt your bold and go-getter attitude with this exquisite pair of earrings. This goes well with any kind of attire and gathering.

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14KT Gold and Diamonds Safety Pin Threader Fashion Earrings — Av

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