$21 9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Teen Costume Accessories Set 7-16 Yea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Costumes Accessories Diva,Accessories,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Costumes Accessories,Costume,Yea,9,0xcb0.com,7-16,Pop,/Gellert1451157.html,Set,$21,Piece,Teen,Party,80s $21 9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Teen Costume Accessories Set 7-16 Yea Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Costumes Accessories 9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Costume 7-16 Large discharge sale Set Accessories Teen Yea Diva,Accessories,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Costumes Accessories,Costume,Yea,9,0xcb0.com,7-16,Pop,/Gellert1451157.html,Set,$21,Piece,Teen,Party,80s 9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Costume 7-16 Large discharge sale Set Accessories Teen Yea

9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Costume 7-16 Large discharge sale Set Accessories Teen Yea 2021 spring and summer new

9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Teen Costume Accessories Set 7-16 Yea


9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Teen Costume Accessories Set 7-16 Yea

Product description

This complete set gives all you need to complete a fabulous look and make you stand out in 80s party.

This girls black off-the-shoulder retro T-Shirt features the words "I Love the 80's"in big bright neon colors in true 80's fashion.

It is versatile so you can wear your 80s attire while lounging around the house, wear it as a night shirt or throw in a few accessories and make it one of the best 80s costumes your friends have ever seen.

I Love 80s T-shirts for Girl in 3 Sizes, 7-8 years,8-10 years,10-12 years,Suitable for Kids,NOT FOR ADULTS.
Package Included:1* I Love The 80S T-Shirt,
1* Fingerless Fishnet Gloves,
1* Leg Warmers,
1* Vintage Earrings,
1* Necklace ,
1* Shutter Shading Glasses,
1* Lace Headband. Meet You Demands For 80'S Costume Accessories .
Material: Spandex, PVC and acrylic.Size: Leg Warmers and Fishnet Gloves are stretchy, fit for girls. Necklace length:24" , Vintage Earring length: 1.1".

9 Piece 80s Pop Party Diva Teen Costume Accessories Set 7-16 Yea

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