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3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Lig Omaha Mall Kids Led Toddler Finally popular brand with

3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Kids Toddler, Kids Scooter with Led Lig


3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Kids Toddler, Kids Scooter with Led Lig

Product description

As a professional manufacturer of kids' scooters, we always believe that the safety of kids is the most important, which is why we recommend this 3-wheel, wide-deck scooter.

What are the advantages?

3 LED flashing wheels

This kid's scooter is equipped with 2 large front wheels and a rear LED small wheel, which will light up when you ride.

The LED lights don't need to be recharged, because the wheels have built-in magnetic steel that emits light as the wheels roll.

The 3-wheel scooter with LED lights allows kids to have more fun.

Tilt control

A scooter is a favorite toy for children, whether boys or girls. You can use a scooter to exercise children's balance and athletic ability.

Kids' scooter leans left and right to turn and maintain balance.

Compared with the traditional rotating front wheel turning, the tilt control can prevent dangerous sharp turns.

More safety design

The two widened front wheels provide excellent stability and help beginner.

The height of the deck is low, providing a stable center of gravity; the width of the deck surface has been enlarged to easily accommodate children’s feet and prevent stepping on empty.

Kids can easily apply the rear wheel cover to brake and control the speed.

Adjustable height

The children's scooter is suitable for kids aged 3-14.

In order to adapt to different heights, the height of the scooter can be adjusted to 4 different heights: 23.6in, 26in, 28.3in, 30.7in.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this scooter and are willing to solve any questions about it for you.

3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Kids Toddler, Kids Scooter with Led Lig

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