Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Selling Truck Grip Double Handle with Hand,$111,Handle,HMK116UA1,Truck,,/bearder1297980.html,Double,Grip,Aluminum,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,,Magliner,with Hand,$111,Handle,HMK116UA1,Truck,,/bearder1297980.html,Double,Grip,Aluminum,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,,Magliner,with Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Selling Truck Grip Double Handle with $111 Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Double Grip Handle with Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products $111 Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Double Grip Handle with Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products

Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Selling Truck Grip Double Max 85% OFF Handle with

Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Double Grip Handle with


Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Double Grip Handle with

Product description

The Magliner HMK116UA1 aluminum hand truck has a straight back frame, double grip handles with brace, diecast aluminum nose plate, 8" mold-on rubber wheels and a 500 lb. load capacity. The hand truck's frame and nose plate are made of aluminum, which weighs less than steel and is resistant to rust and corrosion. The wheels on the hand truck have semi-precision bearings to help reduce friction and support the load. This hand truck requires assembly; instructions and hardware for assembly are included, tools for assembly are sold separately. Hand trucks, also known as two-wheeled dollies, are used to transport heavy or bulky items, especially in commercial product distribution and delivery. Hand trucks are L-shaped, with handles at the top, two wheels at the bottom and a small platform that touches the ground when the truck is upright. A load is placed on the platform and the truck is tilted back, balancing the weight over the wheels. Powered hand trucks have a platform that lifts the load up, or lowers it down, to reduce human labor. Some hand trucks may be convertible to platform trucks for moving large or cumbersome loads. Others fold flat for storage. Magline manufactures Magliner brand hand trucks, dollies, ramps and other products for material handling applications.

Magliner HMK116UA1 Aluminum Hand Truck, Double Grip Handle with

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