$44 Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge Gas Bottle Cylinder 300 Bar Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $44 Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge Gas Bottle Cylinder 300 Bar Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge 300 Gas Cylinder Courier shipping free shipping Bottle Bar 1,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Stage,0xcb0.com,Regulator,Gauge,$44,Gas,300,/bearder1622980.html,Bottle,Cylinder,Bar,Single,Argon Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge 300 Gas Cylinder Courier shipping free shipping Bottle Bar 1,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Stage,0xcb0.com,Regulator,Gauge,$44,Gas,300,/bearder1622980.html,Bottle,Cylinder,Bar,Single,Argon

Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge 300 Gas Factory outlet Cylinder Courier shipping free Bottle Bar

Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge Gas Bottle Cylinder 300 Bar


Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge Gas Bottle Cylinder 300 Bar

Product description

Precision engineered regulator for use with Argon.

50mm gauges conforming to ISO 5171.

Forged brass body amp; bonnet.

Colour coded knobs for ease of use amp; clear identification of gas type.

Conform to ISO 2503.

Single Stage 1 Gauge.

Argon: 300 Bar.

Max Outlet Pressure: 35 lpm flow.

5/8 BSP cylinder connection.

Argon Regulator Single Stage 1 Gauge Gas Bottle Cylinder 300 Bar

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