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God’s Amazing Love:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have Eternal Life.”

John 3:16

Find out more about God’s amazing love for you …

Pastor Robert Craig DMIN

Doctor Robert Craig (also known as Pastor Bob) presides over Christ Meat of The Word Sanctuary & Fellowship.

“My goal is to give individuals a back-to-the basics look at the Bible so they can lead a more fulfilling life,” Pastor Bob says.

More about Pastor Bob


Watch a Fox News report (August 18, 2008) about the Church breaking ground for our new building at Bluffdale.

Christ Meat of The Word Sanctuary & Fellowship began work on June 13, 2009 for a new 65,000-square-foot facility located on 10 acres in Bluffdale but due to a financial down turn in the market had to halt construction. The property is situated at 13800 South between 3115 and 3157 West.

Construction of Phase One is expected to begin again this summer of 2013. The architectural firm, Raymond Van Nosdol and Associates, Inc., is responsible for designing the building. Michael C. Raymond is the architect in charge of the project. Plans call for the building to be used for church services, Bible studies,
as a nursery and daycare and as a Montessori school.

Although the final cost for the new facility has yet to be determined, Pastor Craig and his wife, Maria-Rosa Craig, have committed to donate half of the cost of the project. The remainder of the necessary funds will be raised through private donations.

Make a donation here

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