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Master Tailgaters Max 55% sale OFF Replacement for Ford E350 E250 E150 Econoline

Master Tailgaters Replacement for Ford Econoline E150 E250 E350


Master Tailgaters Replacement for Ford Econoline E150 E250 E350

Product Description

Master Tailgaters , based out of Los Angeles, CA, is dedicated to providing the best quality parts. All of our Tailgate Handles are manufactured to meet OEM specifications. This includes the fit, finish, and feel. No sacifices are made and no cut corners. We know that your Truck is your workhorse and having a dependable Tailgate Handle with Backup camera is whats important. Each product is carefully designed and tested in the USA.

Master Tailgaters Ford Econoline (2008-2017) Cargo Door Van Handle with Backup Camera - E150 E250 E350 E450

Cargo Door Van Handle WITH Backup Reverse Camera ( Full Color Camera)

COLOR: Black

For use with:
Ford Econoline E150, E250, E350, E450 Years: 2008-2017

This is an aftermarket tailgate and camera, not OEM. For the power supply, you can connect it to any 12V power source. For example, if you wanted the camera to always be on, you can connect it to a 12v source that is on all the time, or if you only want it when you reverse you can connect it to the reverse taillights. Includes video and power extension cable, 8 Meters.

The Camera:

The most important feature of this Tailgate Handle is the camera.

Master Tailgaters is dedicated to providing the best camera: clarity, dependability and longevity.

Each Camera is manufactured to provide a clear image. Not all cameras are made the same and we know that which is why Master Tailgaters never cuts any corners. In order to ensure a quality product, our cameras are double checked prior to shipping.

Our cameras are designed to work in low light settings. We know that backing up at night deserves a clear and safe picture of your surroundings.

rear view rearview mirror dvr
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Auto Dimming
Compass and Temperature
Dual-Way Recording
Screen Brightness High Brightness Ultra High Brightness Ultra High Brightness
Works Great with Our Tailgate Handle Backup Cameras

Master Tailgaters Replacement for Ford Econoline E150 E250 E350


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