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Men's Airflow Perforated Leather Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Protected CE Armor Motorcycle Large special price B

Men's Airflow Perforated Leather Protected Motorcycle CE Armor B


Men's Airflow Perforated Leather Protected Motorcycle CE Armor B

Product Description

Motorcycle Biker Leather Jacket Classic Perforated Air
Motorcycle Leather Jacket Specifications

Let's Check Detail of Jacket

  • Cowhide: Made of genuine 1.2 mm cowhide leather.
  • Dual Liner: First liner is full sleeves polyester removable warm liner and second liner is full sleeves fixed mesh liner.
  • Pockets: Three Inside and two outside pockets.
  • Perforation: Outer shell has perforated leather.
  • Removable Liner: Five piece (5PC) removable armor for back, shoulders and elbows. Shoulder and elbow armor is injection molded and back armor is EVA foam.
  • Zippers: Strong YKK metal zippers.
  • Waist Adjustments: Buttoned waist adjustments.
Leather Jacket Men Motorcycle Biker Leather Jacket Leather Motorcycle Jacket Distress Leather Jacket Summer Protective Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Men's ICONIC Motorcycle Premium Leather Classic Side Lace Biker Jacket Men's SHADOW Motorcycle Distressed Cowhide Leather Armor Black Jacket Biker New AXE Men's Leather Jacket Motorcycle CE Armor Biker Street Cruiser Safety Men's Airflow Perforated Leather Protected Motorcycle CE Armor Biker Jacket Men's Vintage Motorcycle Cruiser Armor Ventilated Leather Touring Biker Jacket Mens Titanium Motorcycle Leather Jacket Street Cruiser CE Armor Riding Black
Genuine Leather
Pockets Multiple Inside and Outside Pockets 2 Waist and 3 inside Pockets 2 Waist and 3 inside Pockets 2 Waist and 3 inside Pockets 2 Waist and 3 inside Pockets 2 Waist and 3 inside Pockets
Phone Pocket
Ventilation Front and Back Ventilation Zippers Front Ventilation Zippers Excellent Ventilation with perforated leather Front and Back Ventilation Zippers Perfect Air Flow From Front and Back
Liner Type Removable Removable Removable Removable Removable Removable
Armor Type 5PC Injection Molded, Removable 5PC Injection Molded, Removeable 5PC Injection Molded, Removeable 5PC Injection Molded, Removable 5PC Injection Molded, Removeable
Collar Soft Collar Snap on Button Open Collar Snap on Button Snap on Button Open Collar
Cuff Zippers
Easy Off and On
Waist Adjustment

Men's Airflow Perforated Leather Protected Motorcycle CE Armor B

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