$81 EFT STAGE 2 CLUTCH KIT+SLAVE WORKS WITH 93-00 FORD EXPLORER MAZD Automotive Replacement Parts EFT STAGE Ranking TOP2 2 CLUTCH KIT+SLAVE WORKS MAZD FORD WITH 93-00 EXPLORER $81 EFT STAGE 2 CLUTCH KIT+SLAVE WORKS WITH 93-00 FORD EXPLORER MAZD Automotive Replacement Parts EFT STAGE Ranking TOP2 2 CLUTCH KIT+SLAVE WORKS MAZD FORD WITH 93-00 EXPLORER STAGE,EFT,KIT+SLAVE,0xcb0.com,CLUTCH,WORKS,$81,MAZD,/epicorolline1622445.html,WITH,93-00,Automotive , Replacement Parts,2,FORD,EXPLORER STAGE,EFT,KIT+SLAVE,0xcb0.com,CLUTCH,WORKS,$81,MAZD,/epicorolline1622445.html,WITH,93-00,Automotive , Replacement Parts,2,FORD,EXPLORER





Product description

EFT Stage 2 clutch kit is a step up from our Stage 1 clutch kit. This is a versatile set up for the street and on the track. It provides a smooth engagement yet it can holds 50%25+ more power over stock clutches. This is a direct factory replacement clutch kit thus no modifications are needed and the clutch kit includes only the highest grade components from world's leading high performance clutch manufacturer. The Carbonized friction material is used on all Stage 2 clutch kit to have higher burst strength and heat tolerance. The heavy-duty sprung center with heat treated springs and retainer rivets to increase strength and reliability. The EFT pressure plate features special single diaphragm design to increase clamp load. It features induction hardened diaphragm, CNC machined castings, stronger drive straps and rivets. EFT pressure plate provides smooth and precise feel with easy modulation. All EFT pressure plate is load tested on a special testing tool for quality assurance.

This complete clutch kit includes:

-EFT Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate
-EFT Stage 2 HD Carbon Sprung Disc (9-7/8", 23 spline)
-EFT Heavy-Duty Concentric Slave Cylinder with Throwout Bearing
-EFT Heavy-Duty Pilot Bearing
-Alignment Tool
-Installation Guide

Vehicle Application

Fits 1993 - 2000 Ford Explorer (4.0L OHV 6cyl)
Fits 1993 - 2000 Ford Ranger (4.0L OHV 6cyl)
Fits 1994 - 2000 Mazda B4000 (4.0L OHV 6cyl)
Fits 1992 - 1994 Mazda Navajo (4.0L OHV 6cyl)




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