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Stacy Bombing free shipping Adams Bombing free shipping Men's Damon Oxford

Stacy Adams Men's Damon Oxford


Stacy Adams Men's Damon Oxford

Product description


Stacy Adams and men who know style have been a perfect fit for over 100 years. Founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams Shoe Company has long been a part of American culture. From the roaring '20s and the post-war boom, to Prohibition and the jazz era, Stacy Adams has been there. Stacy Adams is more than shoes--from head to toe they cover your style from hip-hop to silky soul.

Stacy Adams Men's Damon Oxford


Pressure: 1015 hPa

Timezone: CDT

78 °F
54 °F
6 mph
11 h
93 °F
60 °F
12 mph
12 h
94 °F
73 °F
12 mph
11 h
93 °F
65 °F
8 mph
11 h
86 °F
66 °F
10 mph
7 h
82 °F
69 °F
8 mph
6 h

Meteogram - 5 days - North Kansas City

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  • Forecasts for wind speeds are blue and for gusts are green. The arrowheads point in the same direction as the wind.

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Current satellite images for North Kansas City, United States of America

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Radar and precipitation nowcast for North Kansas City

Very Heavy

The location marker is placed on North Kansas City. This animation shows the precipitation radar for the last hour, as well as a 1h forecast. Drizzle or light snow fall might be invisible for the radar. Precipitation intensity is colour coded, ranging from light blue to orange.

Weather for popular places around North Kansas City