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3M F9469PC Adhesive Transfer Tape 25 of Squares store Pack 5.75

3M F9469PC Adhesive Transfer Tape 5.75" Squares (Pack of 25)


3M F9469PC Adhesive Transfer Tape 5.75" Squares (Pack of 25)

From the manufacturer

3M F9469PC Adhesive Transfer Tape 5.75" Squares (Pack of 25)

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letter from texas

The Biden administration’s response to the migrant crisis comes straight from Trump’s playbook: try to deter more from coming. It’s not working.

By Jack Herrera


On the front lines, both parties are anxious about the storm that’s coming.

By Colin Woodard

fourth estate

The end never actually comes but we love to obsess about it anyway.

Opinion by Jack Shafer


The bill isn't too big to fail, but big enough potentially to fail spectacularly.

Opinion by Rich Lowry

History Dept.

It might sound like a constraint on the executive branch, but the debt limit was originally intended to give more, not less, authority to the president.

By Joshua Zeitz

On the Bench

The architects of the 43rd president’s assault on constitutional rights are now judges and justices. That’s bad news for fundamental constitutional rights.

Opinion by Debra Perlin


It looks like they’re giving up, but for politicians like Anthony Gonzalez, a party run by Trump is not worth fighting for.

Opinion by Charles Sykes

Washington and the World

As Hezbollah loses support inside Lebanon, the U.S. has an opportunity to change a playbook that's long been failing.

Opinion by Hanin Ghaddar

washington and the world

The administration hasn’t shown much desire to work with the U.N. on recent crises, but Biden can use Covid-19 and climate change to make his case to the doubters.

Opinion by Richard Gowan

Department of the Future

Biographer Max Chafkin says the billionaire is pressing his Trumpish ideology through Senate candidates and the Facebook boardroom—though what he really wants remains an unsettling mystery.

By Katelyn Fossett

Culture Club

A crop of biopics and documentaries over the last decade have reimagined America’s maligned tabloid icons — to varying degrees of success.

By Derek Robertson


If the two sides don’t resolve their disagreement over the proposed Digital Markets Act, the only winners will be China and Russia.

Opinion by Evelyn N. Farkas

CcXylCcz Wedding Dresses for Bride Tulle Lace Boho Long A Line I

The House panel probing the Capitol attack is readying a wave of subpoenas and already getting results from its document requests.

Why Biden isn’t hitting the panic button on the debt ceiling — yet

With the deadline looming, the White House is starting to ramp up pressure on Republicans.


‘The world is looking at us’: Minneapolis puts 'defund the police' to a vote

The city will decide on a sweeping measure that would limit the size, scope and influence of its police department.

Covid-19 boosters: 5 takeaways from CDC's big vaccine meeting

The CDC's vaccine advisers will refine exactly who is eligible — in this case, that will likely involve defining "high risk."

Afghanistan politics imperils effort to claw back 2001 war powers

Lawmakers want to revise the authorization passed after the Sept. 11 attacks. But Afghanistan has complicated the question of how to do it.

By Rym Momtaz

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Prosecutors to seek testimony of former Nevada AG in trial of Giuliani associate

Adam Laxalt is also the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in a crucial 2022 Senate race.