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5.11 Men's Evo outlet Ranking TOP3 8

5.11 Men's Evo 8" Side Zip, Composite Safety Toe Boot Military


5.11 Men's Evo 8" Side Zip, Composite Safety Toe Boot Military

Product description

Tough and comfortable, 5.11 evo cst boots deliver superior protection and traction for any terrain. The puncture-resistant frame and composite safety toe guard against the elements, while the cemented and stitched evo cupsole, full-length eva midsole, and a nylon shank provide absolute durability and stability. A 14mm heel-to-toe drop ensures a responsive stance, and an ortholite insole and Strobel sock enhance comfort. Featuring a full-grain leather upper, non-metallic construction, and side-zip access. Stay safe and be ready.

From the manufacturer

5.11 Men's Evo 8" Side Zip, Composite Safety Toe Boot Military

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