FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser 414ml 14 Grass oz Lemon Popular oz/414ml,,Lemon,with,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,14,Teapot,Dew,FORLIFE,/fripperer1622595.html,Infuser,,Basket,$22,Grass, $22 FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser, Lemon Grass, 14 oz/414ml Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser 414ml 14 Grass oz Lemon Popular $22 FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser, Lemon Grass, 14 oz/414ml Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining oz/414ml,,Lemon,with,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,14,Teapot,Dew,FORLIFE,/fripperer1622595.html,Infuser,,Basket,$22,Grass,

FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser 414ml 14 shipfree Grass oz Lemon Popular

FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser, Lemon Grass, 14 oz/414ml


FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser, Lemon Grass, 14 oz/414ml

Product description

Color:Lemon Grass

Soothe your senses. Available in soft and peaceful colors, easy on the eyes like a water droplet on a leaf. Feel the smooth textured Satin finish surface. Enjoy the subtle fragrance and flavor of the infused tea by removing the infuser at the optimal time.

FORLIFE Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser, Lemon Grass, 14 oz/414ml

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