$47 cciyu Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD for D odge Caliber 07-08 fo Automotive Replacement Parts cciyu A surprise price is realized Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD fo for odge Caliber D 07-08 cciyu A surprise price is realized Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD fo for odge Caliber D 07-08 for,cciyu,07-08,D,Rear,and,/imputrescible1118041.html,fo,odge,Bearing,Hub,4WD,$47,Caliber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Wheel,0xcb0.com $47 cciyu Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD for D odge Caliber 07-08 fo Automotive Replacement Parts for,cciyu,07-08,D,Rear,and,/imputrescible1118041.html,fo,odge,Bearing,Hub,4WD,$47,Caliber,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Wheel,0xcb0.com

cciyu A surprise price is realized It is very popular Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD fo for odge Caliber D 07-08

cciyu Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD for D odge Caliber 07-08 fo


cciyu Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD for D odge Caliber 07-08 fo

Product description

Color:512333 x2

Wheel Hub Assembly Fits for(SHIPS UNDER 48 HOURS!)
2007-2008 D odge CALIBER
2007 For J eep COMPASS
2007-2008 For J eep COMPASS
2008-2009 For J eep COMPASS
2009-2010 For J eep COMPASS
2007-2008 For J eep PATRIOT
2008-2009 For J eep PATRIOT
2009-2010 For J eep PATRIOT

Rear Axle
Flange Diameter : 5.512 In.
Bolt Circle Diameter : 4.5 In.
Wheel Pilot Diameter : 2.64 In.
Brake Pilot Diameter : 3.150 In.
Flange Offset : 2.386 In.
Hub Pilot Diameter : 2.913 In.
Hub Bolt Circle Diameter : 3.898 In.
Bolt Size : M12X1.5
Bolt Quantity : 5
Bolt Hole MET : M12X1.25
Bolt Hole qty : 4
ABS Sensor : Y
Number of Splines : 25

cciyu Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub 4WD for D odge Caliber 07-08 fo

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