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Jambu Women's Sycamore Boot Snow Max 100% quality warranty! 67% OFF

Jambu Women's Sycamore Snow Boot


Jambu Women's Sycamore Snow Boot

Product description

Constructed to combat the cold, this water-resistant, faux fur-lined winter boot features all-terra outsoles for the great outdoors. this short boot delivers cozy comfort and in and out ease with its inner size zipper. we recommend ordering a size up.

Inspired by the beauty and mystique of the rainforest, Jambu footwear is designed to guide you in style and comfort on your next personal journey - at home or across the globe. Let Jambu join you as you zip line through the rainforest, stroll the beach, navigate the city, or travel the world. Be you with Jambu. They use 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging and their outsoles are made with partially recycled rubber. In this small way, they hope to preserve the great outdoors for future generations. Renew with Jambu.

Jambu Women's Sycamore Snow Boot

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