HOZAN JL Animer and price revision Headlights 7inch Round LED with 9 Black inc 9,0xcb0.com,7inch,Black,Round,HOZAN,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,$121,with,inc,/insessor1622663.html,Headlights,,Headlights,JL,LED 9,0xcb0.com,7inch,Black,Round,HOZAN,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,$121,with,inc,/insessor1622663.html,Headlights,,Headlights,JL,LED HOZAN JL Animer and price revision Headlights 7inch Round LED with 9 Black inc $121 HOZAN JL Headlights, 7inch Round Black LED Headlights with 9 inc Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories $121 HOZAN JL Headlights, 7inch Round Black LED Headlights with 9 inc Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

HOZAN JL Animer and price revision Headlights 7inch Round LED with 9 Black inc List price

HOZAN JL Headlights, 7inch Round Black LED Headlights with 9 inc


HOZAN JL Headlights, 7inch Round Black LED Headlights with 9 inc

Product Description

JL led headlights Specification:

Power: High Beam 45W(3600lm), Low Beam 30W(2400lm)

Voltage: 12-30V DC

Color Temperature: 6000K

Material: Aluminum Alloy Housing, PC Lens

Housing: Black

Waterproof: IP67

Working Temperature: -40~+85°C

Life-span: above 50,000hr

Waterproof: IP67

9 inch led headlights Application:

Fit for Wrangler JL JLU 2018 2019 2020

9 inch headlight Package:

2 x 7inch LED Headlights

2 x 9 inch round JL Headlight Mount Bracket

2 x JL Headlight Adapter

Jeep JL headlights


1.9 inch led headlights perfect compatible with Wrangler JL JLU 2018-2020;

2.High Quality all-directional adjustable JL Headlight Bracket, helps to fix 7” round LED Headlights firmly on Wrangler JL;

3. wrangler headlights put out a lot of light and look awesome at night.

4.jl led lights creative design to prevent moisture and water build-up,safe for road use.

5. It is aftermarket headlights to modify the look, so little bit of play around for adjustment is fun.

Warm Tips:

Please make sure the light is compatible with your vehicle before placing order,9 inch JL headlights=7inch led headlights+9inch mount brackets.

jl headlight is a bracket modified headlight, so this headlight assembly will have a slightly larger gap than the original car after installation, please consider this before buying. Thanks for understanding.

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HOZAN JL Headlights, 7inch Round Black LED Headlights with 9 inc

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