Hose,Four-Braid,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,3/8",/intrarhachidian1094322.html,Goodyear,50',Air,0xcb0.com,ATD,8210,Tools,$35,x,Rubber ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3 8" x Sale 50' Four-Braid Air Rubber Hose $35 ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3/8" x 50' Four-Braid Rubber Air Hose Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Hose,Four-Braid,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,3/8",/intrarhachidian1094322.html,Goodyear,50',Air,0xcb0.com,ATD,8210,Tools,$35,x,Rubber ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3 8" x Sale 50' Four-Braid Air Rubber Hose $35 ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3/8" x 50' Four-Braid Rubber Air Hose Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

ATD Sale item Tools 8210 Goodyear 3 8

ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3/8" x 50' Four-Braid Rubber Air Hose


ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3/8" x 50' Four-Braid Rubber Air Hose

Product description

The GoodYear 3/8 inch x 50 feet four-braid rubber air hose is an economical air and water hose for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications. It features a Versigard synthetic rubber tubing, RMA Class C. The working pressure is 300 PSI.

ATD Tools 8210 Goodyear 3/8" x 50' Four-Braid Rubber Air Hose

Scientific literature – Longevity

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