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Freeboss FB-U12 SALENEW very Don't miss the campaign popular UHF Wireless Microphone IR Channel Dual 2 System

Freeboss FB-U12 UHF Wireless Microphone System Dual Channel IR 2


Freeboss FB-U12 UHF Wireless Microphone System Dual Channel IR 2

Product description

Size:Large Size Receiver

1. Product Description:

- Frquency range:A:900.000-929.700 B:930.000-959.700 (Digital transmission) The concrete frequency is decided by the technique provision of the system usage place.
- Digital modulation Mode: pi/4DQPSK
- Number of frequency: 2*100
- Occupied bandwidth: 300KHz
- Transmission rate: 204.8Ksps
- S/N: 90dB
- Frequency Response: 50-15KHz

2. Receiver Description:

- Receiver mode: Digital decryption receive
- Sensitivity:-90dBm

3. Power adapter:

- US plug
- Plug adapter

4. Transmitter:

- Transmit mode: Audio and data using encrypted digital transmission
- Dedicated data channel:7kbps, internal CRC check
- Capsule:Dynamic
- Transmitting Power: - Frequency Stabilization:+/-0.005%
- Battery: 2*1.5V (AA)

5. Packing list:
1) Handheld Microphone: 2 pcs
2) Receiver: 1 pc
3) Antenna: 2 pcs
4) Audio cabel: 1 pc
5) Power Adapter: 1 pc
6) Owner's manual: 1 pc

Freeboss FB-U12 UHF Wireless Microphone System Dual Channel IR 2

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